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Anoint your solar plexus to enliven your desire to change the world and overthrow fascism, racism, Nazis, 45... TOTALITY is a spiritual fire breathing blend to get to the bottom of your heart's desire and radiate enough energy to assist with spiritual endeavors of that process.

As the eclipse reaches the totality of complete darkness, so the blend will also be imbued with the power of that darkness - the ability to access our shadow selves and to pull out the stifled strength, lost ambition and suppressed desires and integrate them wholly into our hearts again.

As the Sun is the center of our solar system that witnesses the circulation of the celestial bodies that rule us in subtle and not so subtle ways, our heart is the center of our solar system allowing our life's blood to circulate through us.

It is more than a physical organ, the heart, in times of old, was believed to be the seat of the soul.

“My goal was to make women who were in the same position as myself feel confident again,” Stacey, who lives in London, told The Mighty. By this point I can barely sit and now I’m leaking. I call my grandmother and tell her, “Grandma, I’m at Carolina Medical, the nurses want you here…” The nurse cuts me off. Honey, you’re at Presbyterian.” What happened after that is fuzzy. #World IBDDay #Crohns #Colitis #Ulcerative Colitis #Spoonie #Inflammatory Bowel Disease Follow this journey on More Spoons. It’s tough for them too, and it gives them an opportunity to show their support.

“The Black Widow set, for example, has a satin tie that crosses over at the front, which as well as adding detail supports the ostomy and allows women who wear supportive belts be without, whilst still feeling protected.” Stacey also uses models with ostomies to showcase her designs both on her website and social media and works with Purple Wings, a charity which helps those with ostomies feel more confident. “I would love people to know [having a stoma] it isn’t that bad,” Stacey said. I decide to sit down in the tub and let the water cover my body. It’s not about complaining and telling the world what a hard time we’ve had, but a time for pride, and sometimes merely having survived is enough! Not only will talking about IBD on World IBD Day help spread awareness, but it is also an opportunity to raise some money for Cure Crohn’s and Colitis who donate 100 percent of the money donated to fund much-needed medical research to find a cure for inflammatory bowel disease.Put them in a clear baggie and attach the included topper and you have a gift anyone would love! If so this cute printable by The Letter 4 is just for you! If you love this but want a different color, today’s your lucky day because It comes in three different color pallets to fit every personality. Share it on FACEBOOK or GOOGLE , pin-it to PINTEREST, and tweet it on TWITTER. If you have a brown paper bag handy and a delicious treat you’d love to surprise someone with – then THIS printable is for you!You can literally print the love note right onto the paper bag! Only one thing could make Hersey’s Kisses even sweeter- these fun stickers you can attach to the bottom.

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